Star Trek fan fiction

For years I have written Star Trek fan fiction at various paces. At first I lamented the scarcity of Star Trek-based fan fiction with non-Federation primary characters and ships. They are attempts to reconcile Star Fleet Battles and, with it, Starfleet Command I-II with TNG-era and STO-era Star Trek. Here are three series of Star Trek-based fan fiction:

  1. RIS Bouteina: Romulan-based, it takes place from 2384 to 2389 onboard a Norexan-class dreadnought of the Tal Prai’ex and is divided in five seasons, roughly spanning one year in service.
  2. Star Trek: The Stoneship Files: Lyran-based, it takes place in 2401 and 2402, on the Stoneship, as the lead ship of the Stoneship-class dreadnought, which also filled multiple roles in the Lyran Starfleet: hospital ship, galactic survey cruiser.
  3. Star Trek: False Vacuum: Federation-based, it takes place in 2415 onboard the USS Antechrist, a carrier based on Stade Trek for the first season; the second season involves a fighter squadron with scion characters from the Antechrist
  4. Star Trek: United Federation of Munchkin Amazons: Hydran-based, it takes place in 2430 onboard the HMS Vosteage, a cloaking-capable light carrier, with its crewmembers playing a tabletop RPG as characters from previous works

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