My first acceptance

Now that I have received an acceptance, I feel like it has removed quite a bit of stress off my shoulders. So, while I got deferred from Michigan-Ann Arbor, I got to wonder whether I’ll receive an actual decision other than a deferral, but when I checked the Grad Cafe, I realized that there were offers from Minnesota so I checked my email box about whether I received anything from them. An offer, a rejection, anything. I know that an unfunded offer will feel like a rejection.

I am elated to see that my first offer was an acceptance, and the financial details were enclosed with my acceptance. It feels… unreal. That I would still be able, somehow, to pursue theoretical particle cosmology for a couple more years and earn a PhD. And, honestly, I do not expect the life of a PhD student to be much different from the life of a student in a research-intensive masters program. So how does a $24,440 stipend fit in Minneapolis?

So I can say that I took one step towards securing my future, and then updated the verdicts page.

My first PhD acceptance letter


2 thoughts on “My first acceptance

  1. Congratulations! With a $24,440 stipend you can live an okay life in Minneapolis. I assume you’ll get extra income somewhere else?

    If you already have a car, you are already in a good position because everyone drives in Minneapolis (though the public transit is decent). If you need a place to stay, you should look up “PPL College Housing” program which is a community organization where college-educated people can live there cheaply (~$300) if they agree to tutor a low-income student for four hours a week.

    I’m glad that you feel less stress now, and that you get even more good news soon!

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