Deferred from Michigan

One would think I’m an undergraduate applicant with such a title. After all, the University of Michigan (Ann Arbor) deferred thousands of early-action undergraduate applicants this cycle, and even made headlines for it. But, since the entire premise of this blog has to do with graduate admissions, I’ll have to say that my deferral increases my anxiety. I have since learned that one can get deferred multiple times in a PhD app process without you noticing that you were, in fact, deferred. That is because, while there is one deadline, decisions are released in waves.

If you’re outright rejected in the first round, it means that you’re clearly unqualified. But I came to the conclusion that I have been deferred because I did not receive an admissions decision on January 15 when others did (rejection or acceptance) so that would mean that, while I’m still considered at Michigan, I am not at or near the top of the applicant pool.


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