Multidimensional grading, continued

Because I am still a little green to this business of teaching, I will TA the second electromagnetism course next semester, with a small amount of students (6-10) and an instructor known to be disorganized (and acknowledges his lack of organization) so I knew that attempting to supplement a poor instructor with recitations as someone new to in-person TA was a daunting task. Not only because of how I will have to act in the classroom, but also because of the instructor’s lack of organization, I will have to bring him to order every week and even beg him to proctor and grade the tests in his place if it came to that.

Because of his lack of organization, he always wants to teach to students outside the mainstream, which usually means teaching second or third-semester courses to demi-années when he isn’t teaching advanced courses. Nevertheless, since multidimensional grading allowed me to minimize the miscarriages of justice in that applied abstract algebra course, the students I will be teaching to next semester will also be graded according to multidimensional grading.


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