Dairy farming, poutine and such

In this end-of-semester crunch, time to lighten up somewhat. Here are two food-related questions who, surprisingly, both have the same answer:

  1. Where’s the world capital of dairy farming?
  2. Where are the best poutines in Europe found?

The answer to both: Moscow!

Jokes aside, Russian dairy farming can still boast having the largest voluntary milking system in the world. But whether or not Moscow will be able to retain the title of “world capital of dairy farming”, earned in the early 1990s, only time will tell; in fact, Moscow’s ability to fend off the challengers (St. Hyacinthe, Canada, Emmental, Switzerland, to name a few) to this title depends heavily on the health of Russian dairy farming as a whole.

As for poutine: since Moscow is the world capital of dairy farming, it can be counted upon to supply the cheese required for poutine, even when accounting for the locally-grown potatoes. However, it goes without saying that, while Moscow may have the best poutines in Europe, the gravy used in poutines served in Moscow (and in Russia more generally) is quite different from the gravy used in North American poutines (and Quebec in particular).


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