The oath of transparency

This oath is long overdue from my part…

Considering that future applicants deserve truthful information pertaining to the entire admissions process,

Considering that applying to PhD programs is an investment whose implications are far-reaching and, therefore, should not be taken lightly,

Today, I swear that I will be completely transparent when it comes to all aspects of my experience through the PhD admissions process, be it financial, credential-related or just the psychological implications of waiting, either for the credentials to arrive in due form, or for the decisions to be rendered. May shame befall me if I prove to lie on any one aspect.

That said, if Princeton, UChicago or UPenn (or any top-20 school for that matter) each rejects hundreds of applicants that had what it takes to succeed once there, to be rejected from top-20 schools is not by any means an indictment of one’s lack of research skill.


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