Finally, applications are submitted!

I’m now relieved that I have submitted these 11 applications, although I realized just how expensive actually getting to that point could be. It’s one thing to say, in the abstract, that one is applying to Ivies, but it’s quite another to actually submit them. Admittedly, I submitted my application to Carnegie Mellon first, because I didn’t have to whip out my credit card and, as agreed with my research-based recommenders, submitting that application marked the time where they’d actually begin writing the letters of recommendation.

But I came to the bleak realization that the entire glimmer of hope for which I had to delay the actual submission of the applications was fading away, so I decided to cut to the chase and submit a little ahead of that schedule. So, here’s to a happy ending, come April 15th (and also an extra $US360 in costs because there’s the F-1 visa to be paid in two installments: $160 for the actual visa application and $200 for the SEVIS fees)

So, please, if anyone is interested in financial planning for PhD applications, I have updated the master list of costs incurred, because I have now incurred all the costs for the shutout case. Sure it helps calm down somewhat but it doesn’t remove all the nervosity. Only by April 15 can I say either “Mission accomplished” or “Oh well, time to readjust”

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